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Crappie Roundup

2024 Crappie Roundup - 705 fish worth $49,625

March 23 2024 - May 22 2024

Only $8 to enter for entire 60 days!

Tickets available in store only

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Tournament Rules (Click to view)


An Angler can enter this tournament at Hills Minnow Farm. An angler must have a 2024 Hills Crappie Round-Up ticket registered in his or her name prior to catching a tagged crappie to be eligible for any prize.


Every tagged fish in this tournament is worth a base prize. Some have bonus offers if the angler has a store receipt, is a member of a certain organization, bought a particular product, or catches the tagged crappie using a certain product.

NOTE: This is an individual tournament and anyone claiming a bonus must be the person who solely bought the product to obtain the receipt or has the membership at the time of the catch. On the $3,000 bonus offered with Rustlin’ Raymond, this will be verified by checking store security cameras or possibly a polygraph test. Questions about bonus offers should be directed to the tournament director at Hills Minnow Farm.


When a participating registered Hills Crappie Round-Up angler catches a tagged crappie, he or she must take the crappie with the tag in place ALIVE to Hills Minnow Farm. Hills will check the tag and tell the angler who sponsors that particular prize and will fill out a check-in voucher. Depending on the sponsor, the angler will either collect their prize through Hills Minnow Farm OR the angler must take the voucher to the sponsor to collect the prize. Prizes for fish with larger values ($100 and over) may be delayed two weeks or longer, depending on whether or not a polygraph test is required. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be given as prizes.


By participation in this tournament, you agree to submit to and pass a POLYGRAPH TEST regarding tournament rules to qualify for the receipt of any prize.

A contestant must comply with all of the following rules to be eligible to the receipt of a prize:

1. Contestant must have a 2024 ticket registered in his or her name prior to catching the tagged crappie. Contestant must present ticket when checking in tagged crappie.

2. Contestant must comply with all state fishing and boating regulations. Fishing and boating licenses are responsibility of contestant.

3. Contestant checking in any tagged crappie must have personally hooked and landed the crappie, without assistance of any other person, using a rod and reel or handpole. Crappie must be hooked through the lip or mouth to qualify for any prize.

4. Tagged crappie must be alive with tag in place when checked in. Dead or mutilated crappie will not be eligible for prize. (The tag must still be in the live fish when brought in to be checked in.)

5. Contestant must check in the tagged crappie at Hills Minnow Farm and obtain an official voucher verifying the crappie.

6. Tagged crappie must be caught and checked in within the specified time of the tournament. Any crappie attempted to be checked in after Hills Minnow Farm closes on the last day of the tournament will not be eligible for any prize.

All vouchers must be submitted for prizes within 2 weeks after tournament ends.

7. To be eligible for a bonus prize, contestant must comply with the following conditions: Based on the bonus offer, contestant must have (1): Purchased item to receive receipt before catching the fish, bought a particular product, fulfilled a particular task (example: test driving a car), or used a particular product in order to catch the fish. (See offer under fish character for details.)

8. Contestant must have never failed or refused to take a polygraph or similar test administered by Hills Minnow Farm for the purpose of determining contestants eligibility for a prize or been denied a prize claimed by contestant because contestant misrepresented compliance with tournaments rules.

At the request of Hills Minnow Farm, any contestant qualifying for a prize must submit to and pass a POLYGRAPH TEST, and/or any other test deemed necessary to determine compliance with tournament rules before the end of the tournament, at a time specified by the tournament director. The test will be given only once and no contestant will be eligible for a second test under any circumstances. A contestant who fails to pass a polygraph or whose conditions does not permit the administration of a test because of a contestants use of alcohol or drugs will not be eligible for any prize. Contestant will be ineligible for a regular prize if contestant fails to pass part of polygraph relating to a claimed bonus prize. The decision of the test examiner as to the contestants compliance with tournament rules will be the final decision as to eligibility for any prize. Contestant agrees to release Hills Minnow Farm, and all sponsors for any liability arising from the administration of the test and/or decision of the test examiner.

All decisions regarding compliance with these rules and the interpretation of these rules will be made by the tournament director at Hills Minnow Farm, which reserves the right to make additional reasonable rules for the conduct of its tournaments if circumstances require.